Have you ever seen the movie the Conjuring?  Well if you have then in the first few minutes of the movie, you were introduced to the creepiest doll on earth, her name was Annabelle.  The real life Annabelle was not the doll that Director James Wan showed in the movie.  The actual Annabelle was an average Raggedy Ann Doll, or so the owner thought.  What we will present here is the real facts behind Annabelle as the owner related.  Do you believe the legends behind Annabelle?  Ed & Lorraine Warren were believers when they were called to investigate the doll by the owner. They believed it so much that they were given the doll and it became the cornerstone exhibit of their paranormal museum.  Ed & Lorraine Warren have a room in their house where they collect haunted objects.  But we will get into Ed & Lorraine in a later date article.

As you can see from the picture Annabelle looked nothing like the doll that was featured in the movie, The Conjuring.  She seemed like an average doll.  But read for the true story.

The owner’s name was Donna.  Donna received Annabelle as a gift from her mother in the 1970’s when Donna was still a college student.  Donna’s mother happened to see Annabelle in a Hobby Shop and thought it would be a great gift for her daughter.  Donna was not living alone upon receiving the doll. She had a roommate, her name was Angie.  The two girls thought that the doll was an average doll.  That is until they noticed the mysterious occurrences surrounding Annabelle.

It started off simply at first.  The girls noticed little things about Annabelle.  It would include a change in position, this the girls explained that one of them had bumped into the doll.  But then it began to increase.  The doll seemed to become able to move on its own accord without any human help.  One day the girls left the apartment, when they left Annabelle was sitting up on Donna’s bed.  When the girls after running their errands, came home to find Annabelle sitting upright on the living room couch.

One of the girl’s friends a man named Lou completely hated this doll.  Whenever he came to visit he felt something was completely wrong with this doll.  He felt that this doll was evil to the core.  The girls refused to believe this nonsense.  They refuse to believe it until the notes began to appear.  Donna would find little notes around the house.  They would say things such as “Help Us”, “Help Lou.”  The notes bothered Donna a lot, but what really chilled her to the bone was the fact that the notes were written on parchment paper.  Donna nor her roommate owned parchment paper.

This story would end here if it were not for the fact that the occurrences with Annabelle began to escalate.  One night Donna had been out with some friends, she returned home only to find the doll sitting on her bed.  That is what Donna would expect as that is where she had left the doll.  But the part that frightened Donna was the fact that Annabelle had blood on her hands.  Donna was unsure if this was actually blood but it was a reddish liquid and it seemed to be emanating from the doll itself.  Donna had enough of these actions.  These events had frightened her beyond belief and this last one was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Donna looked for help with this situation.  Donna & Angie sought out and took the doll to a medium.  The medium spent time with Annabelle and the story that she told the two girls really frightened them.  The medium stated that before the property was built into homes there was an open field that sat on that property.  The medium went on to relate that in that field a young girl by the name of Annabelle Higgins was found dead in that field.  Annabelle Higgins was only seven years old at the time of her death.  The medium stated that the little girl’s spirit remained stuck to the location of her untimely death.  When the doll was brought into the home the little girl attached herself to the toy.

After this meeting, events began to get horrifyingly worse.  It started at first with Lou, the girl’s guy friend.  He began to have horrifying dreams.  He kept having the same recurring dream over and over. He dreamed that Annabelle was trying to kill him.  She was trying to accomplish this by wrapping her doll hands around his neck and trying to choke the life out of him.  These dreams caused Lou to become terrified for the safety of the girls.  Soon after these dreams started, Lou was over at Donna & Angie’s apartment visiting.   Donna was not home at the time.  He and Angie were plotting out a trip they planned to take.  When all of a sudden all hell broke loose in Donna’s room.  At first they thought someone had broken into the apartment through Donna’s room.  They could plainly hear the sounds of someone moving around in the room.

Lou crept over to the door and threw open the door.  He was in fight mode expecting to find an intruder inside the room.  When he looked into the room, everything was in its place, everything that is except Annabelle.  She was off of Donna’s bed and she was sitting in a corner of the room.  Lou walked closer to the doll getting the feeling on the back of his neck as if someone was staring at him.  Many of us have had this feeling and know what it feels like.  Lou spun around to see if someone was behind him, when he did he felt a sudden, immense pain on his chest.  When his chest was examined by Angie and himself, they found he had been clawed deeply on his chest.

After relating this story to Donna, they all three agreed they needed more help to deal with these situations.  They went to a priest and told him about the situation.  He knew the Warrens and this is when they were called to investigate.  When the Warrens entered the picture, they listened to the stories of the events and they made a conclusion.  They determined that this was not a human spirit that was inhabiting the doll.  They stated that this was a demon that was basically using the doll as a tool.  They stated the demon was after Donna’s soul and the doll was only a tool to accomplish this task.  The Warrens told them that a demon could not possess inanimate objects, they could only possess people.

After this encounter with Donna, Angie, & Lou, the Warrens took ownership of the doll. They decided to take it home with them.  The Warrens arranged for a priest to do an exorcism on the location where the girls lived.  Annabelle was placed into a bag and placed in the backseat of the Warren’s car.   Whatever it was that was manipulating this doll seemed to go with it as the Warrens on their way home had events occur to them.  Their car engine would turn off for no reason, their brakes failed a few times.  Ed Warren had enough, he took out a vial of holy water and sprinkled Annabelle with it.  After doing this they made it home safely.

The story does not end here.  The Warrens after getting Annabelle home, began to experience paranormal events in their own home.  Annabelle seemed to come back to life.  Ed had Annabelle by his desk, he noticed on several occasions where she would rise in the air and then drop back down.  Then the movements began again.  Ed & Lorraine would notice that Annabelle would be sitting in one location only to find that she had moved to either another room entirely or to a different position.  Ed & Lorraine were concerned about what they had brought into their home.  They  now felt that they need to have an exorcism performed on Annabelle.  They contacted a Catholic Priest who agreed to come in and do the task.  When the priest came into the home, he had the audacity to tell Annabelle, “You’re just a doll.  You can’t hurt anyone!”  Annabelle evidently did not like the priest speaking to her in this manner.  The priest upon leaving the Warrens, was heading home, his brakes completely failed on his vehicle.  He was involved in a horrific accident, his car was completely totaled.  The priest survived this accident.

After this event with the priest, the Warrens seemed to have had enough.  Ed had a glassed case created for Annabelle.  They place her in this case and locked the case up tight.  She remains in that case to this day in the Warrens Museum of the Paranormal.  One has to wonder is the entity that manipulated Annabelle still attached to her?  Is this entity just sitting behind the glass waiting on the day it will be released like a genie in a bottle?  Who knows, only time will tell.